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The JetUP crowdfunding projects aggregator provides investors with a complete set of tools for risk-free investments in venture capital projects and businesses at the early stages of financing. The JetUP platform controls the use of investor funds by startups and makes your investments work here and now.
advantages of working with us
Legal security of owners

Due to the tokenization of assets, JetUP removes from the investor all costs for registration of ownership rights. The investment process becomes very simple and safe, and the legal registration of investors' ownership rights to own assets is reliable and convenient. JetUP platform makes investments risk-free legally.

Targeted use of investor's funds

The owners of the JetUP company asset get the opportunity to send a JTP token for delegation to projects at early stages of development. By delegating the JTP token, the investor fixes the exchange coefficient for the token of the selected startup and after the transformation of the startup into a business, the JTP tokens will be returned to the investor and the company's assets will be credited.

Risk premium

A real venture investor is constantly looking for projects with multiple growth potential and determines his investment strategy based on the risk premium and the stage of development of the project. It is very profitable to enter a startup at the very start, when the value of the asset is minimal, and the opportunity for growth is practically unlimited.

Index Fund

The JetUP platform offers the venture investor a choice of projects that are in varying degrees of implementation. Invest in the assets of a specific project or directly in the JetUP index fund to reduce your risks. JetUP controls the targeted use of project funds and, depending on the conditions, receives up to 50% of the startup's assets.

The platform offers projects tools in the field of law, economics, analytics, IT solutions, product packaging and work with the audience.
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